Mexucana Hard is the latest product to join the Mexicana family and it has a big secret… Clinical tests have revealed that when digested it has the same effect as drug Viagra.

The Cheddar is made with a secret blend of Mexican spices and chillies which contain capsaicin – a chemical that when ingested raises body temperature, releases endorphins, stimulates nerve endings and fools the body into thinking it is aroused.

Professor Eric Shun, from the University of Cockermouth said, “It has been common knowledge for years that certain foods can spice up your sex life. Eating a hot curry will help improve circulation and this helps move blood toward the genital area. Mexucana Hard has the same reaction but the effect is intensified tenfold.”

Head Chilli Researcher at Mexicana, Dixie Normus said, “The formula for Mexucana Hard was an amazing find. We were shocked at the results when we tested the product. Interest is growing rapidly, orders have nearly tripled and we are finding it hard to keep up.”

Mexucana Hard is available to buy nationwide in wedge form RRP £1.69

For further information please contact Lianne Walsh at Green Row PR. Telephone 020 8960 8950 or email

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